Current Campaign

We’re working with The Kettle Society to bring smartphones, monthly plans, and digital literacy training to 3 individuals in need.

"Between The Lines" is our latest project, taking place from June to December 2019. Our team is focusing on providing intensive digital literacy training, free smartphones and four months of free bills to 10 clients from The Kettle Society, from both their drop-in and residences. The project is aimed at providing benefits and training to marginalized individuals unfamiliar with technology. Surveying and feedback is also being utilized to provide quantitative data collection based on numerous metrics of healthcare, safety and technology literacy. Our goal is to both, create a tangible grass roots impact, while simultaneously bringing attention to Canada's unaffordable telecommunications industry. The project also features numerous video media projects, aimed at capturing the stories and people behind our project. With adequate funding, we are hoping to expand our project past its current termination date of December 2019.