Gary was recently diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma, or cancer of the tongue. Gary needs to regularly communicate with his doctor so he can continue to receive vital treatment.

Gary's support term has ended, thank you for your support!

Q. Do you have any past experiences that you think may have contributed to your current situation?  

I came to Vancouver about 11 years ago from Ontario, with big hopes. I wanted to make a decent living and work was hard to find back home. Things were looking bright, and then some very bad decisions led me into a long-lasting battle with a serious alcohol and cigarette addiction. I've been clean for almost 16 years, but now my days of smoking are catching up with me. I was diagnosed with tongue cancer last week. The alcohol and smoking were the big ones in my life. I tried every month to get of it. I'd stay clean for a day and go right back the next. I've never felt so much frustration in my life. People have to understand how a person's life can get ruined because of one bad decision and I never thought it would happen to me. 

Q. What impact do you think a cellphone could have on your life? 

I'm in constant need of medical attention. I don't know if I have the strength to battle all my health issues. Just the other day, my doctor told me I should consider getting a phone so I can communicate better, but I hardly have enough as it is. Over the years I've also lost contact with my daughter, and I hope having a cell phone can help me start talking to her again as well. I want to talk to her before it's too late.