Mark has recovered from a turbulent past and has been clean from his addiction issues for 11 months.



You've Helped Pay For: 8 Month's Of Mark's Bill

Q. Do you have any past experiences that you think may have contributed to your current situation? 

I moved away from my home when I was 19, primarily away from both of my parents who were struggling with an alcohol disorder. I lived in Winnipeg for a few years and fell through the cracks, unable to handle the change of environment. It was difficult, my lifestyle made me reliant on alcohol and whatever money I made would go right back into the addiction. I wanted to get away from it all, so I moved once again, this time to Vancouver. I detached myself from the addiction and worked very hard, juggling two jobs and saving whatever I could until I finally had enough to begin a new life. However, the alcohol issue resurfaced once again and I lost almost all the money in a matter of weeks. It was then I realized how serious my drinking problem had become and I made it my mission to make a full recovery, for good. Since then, through a rigorous process of going in and out of rehab, I have managed to stay clean for 11 months. I want to take the opportunity to rebuild myself and lay down the foundation for a comfortable life, free from any of my past issues.

Q. What impact do you think a cellphone could have on your life?

Having a cellphone would have a major impact on my life, affecting both my path to recovery as well as helping maintain my personal life. Many times in the past, I had trouble reaching out to family and friends for support, so I am hoping a cellphone can help me regain a more solid connection with them and gradually create a support network I can depend on. Additionally, a cellphone would help me find employment again, it has always been an awkward exchange with employers when I tell them the only method of contacting me is through email. If I fear my issue may resurface I am hoping the cellphone will also keep me in close contact with alcohol support services. Anyone who has dealt with the issue of substance abuse can hopefully understand just how difficult it is to make a recovery and I know a cellphone will help make navigating much easier.