Melissa fled from her family members involved in drugs to start a new life. She is currently looking for employment.


You've Helped Pay For: 3 Months Of Melissa's Bill

Q. Do you have any past experiences that you think may have contributed to your current situation?  

My decision to move to Vancouver was the culmination of years spent in a drug-addicted household.  Despite the fact that I came ill-prepared and was briefly homeless, I feel that my living conditions are still less precarious than the ones I distanced myself from.  I found Covenant House two months ago, and though I still have a long journey ahead of me, I'm hopeful that with their resources and support, I will be able to restructure my life.  

Q. What impact do you think a cellphone could have on your life? 

My life is relatively stable at the moment, but I am cognizant of the fact that without a support network, I risk falling back into homelessness.  With a cellphone, I'd be able to stabilize my living situation and in turn, be able to prioritize finding employment.  As a young woman, personal safety is also a big deal to me, and having the ability to access emergency services at my convenience would be especially beneficial.  Most importantly, a cellphone would allow me to reestablish my relationship with my parents.  They're getting older, and I've come to feel that rekindling our connection would benefit the both of us.