Nancy suffered from a debilitating stroke around 15 years ago. After losing control of her motor skills and damaging her memory, Nancy struggles to make ends meet.


Q. Do you have any past experiences that you think may have contributed to your current situation?

I was born in Jamaica, and came to Vancouver ambitious, and hopeful for the opportunity at a better life.  I managed to find work in a post office as a clerk, and I worked there for a good seven years.  On the outside I was happy; I didn’t have much in the way of money, but my life was stable and I was much better off than I was in Jamaica.  However, I was really hurting inside. Moving to Canada at such a young age meant I had to leave my family and friends behind. I suffered from a sudden stroke around 15 years ago; damaging my memory and forcing me to leave work.  I don’t currently have a steady source of income.  I work part time as a house-keeper, but I've never been in the same physical condition I was in before my stroke.  Disability doesn't leave me with much after I pay my bills, I'm running out of energy. 

Q. What impact do you think a cellphone could have on your life? 

A cellphone would help me a lot.  I’d be able to communicate with my doctors, and hopefully soon receive therapy for the after-effects of my stroke. Since I work as house-keeper, not having a cellphone means I lose lots of business. Many times a family didn't need me for the day and I'd go to the other side of the city   I also have a daughter. I miss dearly, and would love to connect with again.  I hope to eventually find a steady source of income.  It's difficult to live like this,, and am ready for change.